Grace Harrington Murdoch (she/her/hers)

Grace is a multidimensional healer who has been curating her rainbow array of metaphysical tools and skills for over 15 years now. 

She always knew she wanted to do something to help heal others, but she did not know that journey would also take her down a path of healing herself first.  

Through alternative healing Grace not only healed physical issues for herself like Asthma, she also healed her mind and spirit of anxiety, abundance blocks and more. 

Grace found her passions and health through embodying her own soul nature and allowing for her heart's full expression.  

She carries energetic frequencies that assists others in awakening to the Divinity of their soul, which to her expresses itself like a rainbow within and around them.  

Through this journey she has been involved deeply in both learning and teaching many different crafts to hundreds of students. As well as performing thousands of 1:1 healing sessions.  She has also helped create a strong local community of healers, astrologers, budding herbalists, metaphysicians and more. 

It is her joy to not only teach and share but to also embody a new type of economy where collaboration is Queen and soul-care is Foundational.  In this way she has woven in a diverse community of teachers and guides who share in the same principles of this new wave and are here to deeply support and be supported along their journey. 

Some things that Grace is extensively trained in and has taught before are: Polarity Therapy, Usui Reiki, Astrology; Flower Essences; Crystal Healing; the Munay Ki Rites; Inner Child healing; Holistic Health; Energy Reading ; Manifesting Your Magical Business and more. 

She is so excited to share all of her skillset with you all and with the help of her Rainbow Soul Collective team, help you Rainbow Souls grow and expand. 

Instagram: flowersandstars_




Jacqui Carlevale interviews Grace Harrington Murdoch 



Our courses are designed and taught by experts in their healing modalities.

Gurdeep Bhogal

Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Rising

Gurdeep Bhogal is a full-time holistic practitioner, and proprietress of Parinama Transformative Healing Arts based in Marblehead MA. She is a certified Intuitive Medium, Trance Medium & Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Gurdeep was raised as a Sikh, describes herself as an Invoker of the Goddess. She draws deeply upon her Indian Heritage, Yogic philosophy and Ancestral Traditions in her work and life. She serves on the Pastoral Team at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism.

Gurdeep conducts Public Mediumship Demonstrations, Private Psychic, Mediumship & Intuitive Readings, Private Trance Mediumship and Healing Sessions, and teaches Mediumistic Development. 

Gurdeep has an extensive education in the Art of Mediumship, and has studied both in the US and UK with the finest teachers. Creating a holistic approach Gurdeep brings a healing intention to all of her sharings – Mediumship, Reiki and Yoga. Gurdeep is dedicated to serving, by facilitating every individual’s personal healing journey and evolution. 

“There are many ways to heal, evolve and grow, Mediumship, Trance Healing, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation are all beautiful gifts to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself, life and consciousness.”  Gurdeep Bhogal

Instagram: @parinamahealing

Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Gurdeep Bhogal


Nat Couropmitree


Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising


Nat Couropmitree guides innovative leaders to liberate themselves from the exhausting and confining mindset that they can’t be who they naturally are and experience what is meaningful. 

His clients learn to overcome their conditional relationship with themselves so they can thrive, do the work they’re here to do and like themselves at the same time. Nat is a Quantum Play Facilitator and the creator of the Bold Aliveness Model. 

Beyond his life’s work, Nat enjoys traveling and dancing the Argentine Tango with his beloved wife, Olga.

Instagram: @allowingnat


Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Nat Couropmitree


Chernise Spruell

Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon & Cancer Rising 

Chernise Spruell is a channeling coach who channels Archangels & Ascended Masters. She organically discovered these abilities, along with angelic toning and speaking light language, about 10 years ago and she uses them to lovingly nurture her clients into a greater experience of their truest nature. 

She does this with her weekly group Archangel healing sessions, monthly group Archangel channeling sessions, and her 8-week channeling program that safely awakens the channeling ability within her clients while in a like-hearted community. 

Her main message for you from the Archangels is:

You are loved.

You are not alone.

You are more powerful than you know.

Instagram: @CherniseSpruell

Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Chernise Spruell


Alex Zappala Mammadyarov

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Rising

Alex is a New York City-based writer, psychotherapist-in-training, and the founder of GriefUncovered™. On her platform, Alex writes about the long-term nuances of loss and grief, in part based on her own experience, having lost both her parents to cancer, by age 15.

She believes that speaking openly about grief and integrating it into our lives, rather than suppressing it, enables us to live in wholeness and show up more authentically for ourselves and others. Alex is expected to receive her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University in Spring 2021.

Instagram: @griefuncovered


Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Alex Zappala Mammadyarov


Christabeth Ingold (she/her)

Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising

Christabeth is a magical healer who invites your heart to come home to who you wholly are so you can lead your life soulfully and unapologetically as YOU. She weaves together a dynamic and beautiful flow of healing arts through Soul Expansion Coaching, Akashic Records Readings + Training, Energy Alignment Clearing + Channeling, Holistic Massage Therapy with a focus on Shamanic Bodywork, and Astrology. Her heart holds space for you to root into your Soul connection as a sovereign being living from your core truths and Higher Self. 


Through her 10+ years of experience in facilitating healing journeys, Christabeth will guide you to gain clarity and openness to what your life wishes for you, receiving your birthright to align with your holy Soul. The gift you receive is to flow into alignment with all that is your truth. She has been called a "Birth Doula of the Soul" and is honored to hold space for the death/birth cycle- ushering out what's no longer relevant to you while supporting you through birthing what is next. The medicine Christabeth offers holds you with fierce and grounded love as you awaken more to your very own magic. 


The universe had some delicious plans which redirected Christabeth's path of whole mind body heart healing after being on track to complete her Masters as an Expressive Therapist through Lesley University. After leaving the Expressive Therapy program to tend to her own healing, Christabeth moved into becoming a certified reiki practitioner, certified Holistic Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, licensed Chakradance Facilitator, certified Souluna Life Coach, certified Hawaiian Lomilomi practitioner, licensed holistic massage therapist and polarity therapist, certified Akashic Records reader, weaver of astrology, and is ultimately a forever student of life! With Big Love, please feel free to check out to learn more.  

Instagram: @christabethli

Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Christabeth Ingold 


Jeannie Vincent

Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

Jeannie has worked as a professional makeup artist for more than 15 years. She was drawn to the world of beauty at an early age, and over the years has explored a deeper study into holistic beauty practices and functions of the skin. In 2018, she became a licensed esthetician, after studying at Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy.

Jeannie has provided makeup services for everything ranging from editorial and commercial photo shoots, to film, television, fashion shows, weddings, celebrity appearances and more, with her work being seen places like The New York Times, Boston Magazine, and Good Morning America. In 2015, Jeannie was awarded Improper Bostonian’s “Boston’s Best” for makeup artistry and recognized as Readers’ Choice for Northshore Magazine’s Best of the North Shore in 2019. In the spring of 2020, she had the incredible opportunity as a visiting artist to teach Makeup Design and Application at Tufts University.

As a Reiki 2 practitioner, Jeannie is able to instantly connect with people and help them feel at ease. These days, she is passionate about unlearning standard beauty conventions and going inward to find answers to our beauty questions. She loves sharing tips for creating a minimal routine using natural products and empowering individuals to become their own beauty guru. Self-care can feel frivolous at times but in fact it is essential, and Jeannie looks forward to helping you deepen your own practice with techniques such as face massage, gua sha, holistic body care, skin-supporting nutrition, and more.


Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Jeannie Vincent


Reina Prado (she/they/theirs)

Reina has been a holistic energy practitioner since 2013 and established her practice Healing Queen full-time in 2018. The practice is a mestizaje that reflects who she is and the lineages that she incorporate in the healing modalities practices she offer. As a Xicana feminista, she brings a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the traditions from her ancestry, many of whom were Curanderas, Mid-wives, Herbalists, and Sobadores along with "modern" energy healing modalities, which can be experienced in her signature offering: Love Limpias. She co-creates with clients who seek a deeper connection with their true self, thereby activating Divine Love within their energy field.

Reina is also an artist and entrepreneur known under the monikers Santa Perversa and Good Mexican Girl. She enjoys conjuring vegan bakes, reiki infused apothecary products, and singing to the hummingbirds. As a brujita, she works with plant medicine and crystals in alignment with the moon cycles. She currently offer workshops and sessions at Minka in Brooklyn, NY and at Mostly Angels in Culver City, CA. She has also presented her work at Spirit Weavers, Mystic Bazaar at Desert Daze, Sedona Yoga Festival, and several women's circles hosted by PuraLuna Apothecary, WOC Collective, and Corazón Counseling. You can also listen to her podcast Activating Divine Love and recorded guided meditations on her sound cloud page.

founder of Healing Queen
Instagram: @healingqueen_


Grace Harrington Murdoch interviews Reina Prado